Roberto Zincone

Director and Animation Supervisor

Former character animator and company owner, I have a deep knowledge of the Animation production from the creative, production and budget sides.

I started working in the Animation industry in 2009 after a BA in VFX and Animation. Since then I had the opportunity to work with top-notch studios like MPC London, Blue Zoo, Axis Studios, Realtime Uk, Illumination Mac Guff and Outfit7.

In 2018 I co-founded Primal Shape – an animation service and production company – which I co-managed for almost 5 years, taking it from a small group of 3 animators to an established Animation studio in the industry.

With 15 years of experience in Commercials, Feature Films, TV series, Cinematics and Games, I’m now working as Freelance Director and Animation Supervisor.


Nicolas BauduinLead Animator at Illumination Mac Guff
Leggi Tutto
I had the opportunity to lead Roberto during 6 months on "The secret Life Of Pets", Illumination Entertainment upcoming movie. It was a real pleasure as he was always willing to improve his skills and push forward his shots in a very positive attitude. He has been assigned complex action shots, with characters interacting, as well as subtle acting shots, and he always managed to deliver top quality animation. I also really appreciated his ability to fit quickly in a long established team. I highly recommend Roberto for any kind of animation oriented project.
Andrew PearceExecutive Producer at Axis Studios
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Golddust animator, lead, artist, team member, studio fun guy. Fast, creative, proactive, overflowing with ideas. Would love to recommend him, but that'd mean he's less likely to be available to work for us again.
Mark LindnerCreative Director at Panoply
Leggi Tutto
Roberto is a very talented animator who was able to perfectly execute any direction I gave him as well as using his own initiative to develop the character animations above and beyond what was expected. Friendly, polite and quick to solve problems in a fast moving production environment. I can't recommend him enough and I look forward to working with him again in the future.